Drenched in a rich musical past and surfacing with fresh new sounds, the Ultrasonic Zebras weave a tapestry of melodies and harmonies that spark a musical journey full of colourful imagery and profound realizations.

Exhilarated by a staggering variety of influences and emboldened by a fierce love of experimentation, their sometimes-unpredictable songs fuse the old with the new. Never standing still or being nailed to one approach to music, the Zebras envelop the listener in a variety of subtle influences; from glam rock to pop; from prog rock to reggae –  a world of musical diversity. They take inspiration from a wealth of talented performers spanning Hendrix to Sheeran, and beyond…

Their engaging viewpoints paint lyrics that carry the listener to new ways of looking at the world and stir them to evaluate the past, inspire them to look at their world from different perspectives and ultimately lead them toward a life full of strength, resilience and happiness. Encouraging the listener to a place of connectedness, love, empathy and freedom, the Ultrasonic Zebras motivate a sense of perseverance and insight.

The band has entertained fans at bars, nightclubs, outdoor shows, and charity events since 2017. Entrenched in music since youth, with a perpetual passion for musical growth, the Zebras write their songs and wow their listeners with multi-instrumental elements. With their four amazing new studio tracks, the Ultrasonic Zebras are thrilled to share their aural visions with current fans and new fans alike!